Top image credit: Michael Smith, 1979, Down At The Rec Room. Courtesy of the Artist and Hales Gallery London. Copyright of the Artist.


Michael Smith

For over 30 years, Michael Smith has performed as ‘Mike’, the eponymous innocent who continually falls victim to trends and fashions in an imperfect landscape, and ‘Baby Ikki’, a mute, ambiguous character fixed by neither age nor gender. Tragicomic archetypes on an unclear mission, the Everyman and the Infant allow spectators to project their own interpretations, while Smith comments on discrepancies and absurdities in American culture with humour and pathos.

Smith’s large-scale narrative videos, installations, and performances freely quote from a variety of popular formats: sitcoms, music videos, infomercials, and talk shows, as well as comedy acts, puppet shows, and birthday parties.

Smith has exhibited extensively internationally, including exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, The New Museum, and Green Naftali, NY, Hales Gallery, London, Dan Gunn Gallery, Berlin and Ellen de Bruijn Projects, Amsterdam.

Smith has taught at numerous art schools and universities including Cal Arts, Yale University and  is currently a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Michael Smith (b.1951) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Austin, Texas, USA.