Michael Stumpf

Michael Stumpf's sculptural pieces draw on a wide range of cinematic and literary metaphors to create works that are both entertaining and allusive. This range of influences is deftly incorporated in Stumpf's objects and environments, generating an imaginative context for the audience that is engrossing but never pretentious.

Although language plays an important role in his work, it is the essential thing-ness of his objects that is the most striking aspect of his practice

Michael was a co-founder and curator of the independent exhibition space Kaiserpassage 21a in Karlsruhe, (1999 -2004). He served as a committee member of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2004-2007), co-founded and runs the ongoing exhibition project The Tower and is currently a member of of the artist group Poster Club.

Michael Stumpf (b.1969) lives and works in Glasgow.