Glasgow International 2020

MollyMae Whawell

Existing in the expanded field of sculpture, MollyMae Whawell’s works are realised as amalgamations of large-scale physical objects, images, text, moving-image and movement-based performance, with works often functioning in tandem or in opposition to one another as part of sets creating complete environments.

Whawell often works in response to a particular location, scale and placement guiding the audience: a large object in a small corridor, the surface pressed up to you; the rim of a shape resting on a ledge, the architecture cradling the space; the work disappearing through the ceiling, stretching out the room.

Recent works have focussed on intersections between sculpture and dance, employing choreographic thinking to guide the construction and placement of sculpture; and sculptural notions of form, surface and weight to guide performance making.

MollyMae Whawell

Berthing (in transit)


MollyMae Whawell presents her first solo show featuring new sculpture and movement works conceived for Glasgow International 2018.

Performances and performance-making punctuate a sculptural landscape of half-constructed parts, space acting as exhibition; choreographic score; stage. A series of signals displace the viewer; a rehearsal, material, assembling, unpacked, floating, in transit. The exhibition is part of ongoing research into crossovers between contemporary sculpture and dance.

Supported by Glasgow City Council.

*Please note this project will now take place at The Garment Factory, as opposed to TS Queen Mary as previously advertised.*

Monday 23 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Fri, 11am-4pm

Friday 27 April, 2pm
Fri 4 May, 
Not ticketed

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