Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Nadia Rossi

A large yellow cleaning sponge that has been decorated with different coloured paints, assorted types of tape, and mini human figurines.

Nadia Rossi is a Glasgow-based artist working in collaborative practice. Nadia embraces a do-it-together approach to explore how we can use play and performance as tools for social and political reimagining, often working with children and young people. Together they make things like sculpture, zines, banners, happenings and community events. Nadia is a co-founder of Rumpus Room and one-half of the artist duo Pester & Rossi.


  • Programme
    All Walls Will Fall
  • Programme
    Loose Tomatoes in the Backyard
    A photograph featuring a group of people gardening in planters outside of a building. The building has a circular logo sign with the text 'Rumpus Room'.