Nastya Nikolskaya

Nastya Nikolskaya is an interdisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in London.

Nikolskaya uses media theory to study how we are shaped by our environments and the technology we have access to. Born in Russia and with an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology, they often look at the mechanisms of oppression on both a local and global perspective. They often work collaboratively, having been part of KY16 (with Lena Fadeeva), Hypothermia HQ (with Alex Fleming, Francisco Ortega and Clarinda Tse) and Agony Press (with Miranda Stuart). They are currently working on a video essay with Fabula Gallery, Moscow, about interspecies feminism and meme culture.

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions include: Take care of me angel, Fabula Gallery (2021).

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: A Woman is Her Most Beautiful On Her Wedding Day , Queer Shorts: Scotland, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, CCA, Glasgow (2019); MUD organised by Hypothermia HQ with Dachi Cole, Candice Williams, Reba Maybury, Natasha Stagg and Clarinda Tse, Gallery Celine, Glasgow (2018); When To Rest, Video Delight, curated by Mathew Parkin, CCA, Glasgow (2018); KY16, Символ Sculpture Park Серп и Молот Parallel Programme, 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow (2016); Alexey Kokhanov, Sonya Levin and Vera Martynov’s Interiorisation iii, GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2015).

Instagram: @sad.nass

Events & performances