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Natalie McGowan

Natalie McGowan (b. 1985 in Scotland) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

McGowan studied at the Leith School of Art, the Edinburgh College of Art and the Glasgow School of Art. Her work plays with appropriated imagery of beauty and mortality. She uses manipulation as a tool to incorporate a variety of different elements including painting, print and video. Her work synthesizes oblique references to the body and the feminine mystique, using metaphor to illicit themes of fate and an often ambiguous relationship with death, beneath a sleek, soft aesthetic. Drawing themes from themes of feminism, psychoanalysis, idolatry and science fiction, the work offers playful elegance, subtly representing fateful elements of social prototypes and trends, in expressions of everyday monumentality and beauty, and in dislocating objects from their habitual context. Her work merges retro aesthetics of beauty into the post-human, within a seductive, cyber model.

Group shows include: Gwenan InterKubba, 173 Kenmure Street Glasgow, Scotland (2014); Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, Scotland (2014); Niteflights, The Underground Carpark, Glasgow, Scotland (2013), Niteflights at CCA, Glasgow,Scotland (2013); Deep Down, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland (2013).

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