Nep Sidhu with Nicholas Galanin, Axes in Polyrhythm from the series When My Drums Come Knocking, They Watch (2018) Courtesy of the artist


Nep Sidhu

Nep Sidhu is an interdisciplinary practitioner who works through form and spatial rhythm within the infinite arcs of community and self-expression. Through material investigations of textile, sculpture, painting, metaphysics and sound, Sidhu's work seeks symbolic pathways that help to realize the formlessness of the divine through endless possibility and search.

Sidhu has previously shown works at exhibitions with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto; Art Mûr, Montréal; Heard Museum, Phoenix; Art Gallery of York University, Toronto; Aga Khan Museum, Toronto; Aichi Triennale, Nagoya City Museum, Japan; and The Frye Museum of Art in Seattle among others. He is a member of the Black Constellation collective, designs the non-commercial clothing line Paradise Sportif, and helps to run Sher- E- Punjab Sports Academy in Chakar, Punjab.