Glasgow International 2020

Nick Wood

Nick Wood (b. 1989, Essex) is an artist living and working in Scotland. Wood is a studio holder at The Number Shop Studios and Gallery in Edinburgh. In 2011 he graduated from Falmouth University College after completing studies in BA (Hons) Fine Art.

Wood’s practice is underpinned by an interest in synergy; Wood examines the subtle slippages of human influence, tracing how action and meaning subsides from objects, materials and images, and consider how histories can be reformed and reread. Wood’s work often references human scale; wood being cut to fit within the proportions of limbs, hand sewn material and paper being folded and bound to fit neatly into the hand.

Through the resulting remnants and allusions Wood explores the human ability to impose, inlay and extract narratives and histories from the objects around them. Wood’s work enters into an ongoing enquiry of the necessity of such actions, and how we understand our placement within in the world through these dialogues.

Through publishing, drawing and sculpture Wood assesses the accidental nature of human intervention. 

Group Shows include: MELON, The Number Shop, Edinburgh, Scotland, (2017);  Koolie, Ditto Press, London, England, (2016); HUE, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford, England, (2015).

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The Number Shop Studios and Gallery: Natasha Russell, Alessandro Di Massimo, Flo Gordon, Theo Cleary, Fiona Beveridge, Beck Tait, Iain Sommerville, Joe Coghill, Lewis Matheson, Natalie Doyle, Alistair Grant & Amalia Turkieltaub



The twelve artists of The Number Shop present REFRACTION: a sequence of screen-based works that mutate from the starting theme of Binge Watching. Taking the framework of the parlour game Telephone, REFRACTION brings together fields of stop-motion, digital animation, illustration and film in a 24-hour collaborative loop.

Tue 20 April – Tue 15 May
24 hours

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