Glasgow International 2020

Nina Liebenberg

Nina Liebenberg (b. 1981, South Africa) is based in Cape Town.

Nina’s recent exhibitions and curations include: ‘Air: Inspiration-Expiration’, Standard Bank Gallery (Johnannesburg); ‘About Empty Spaces’, Klein Karoo International Arts Festival (Oudtshoorn); ‘Bona fides’, Jan Royce Gallery (Cape Town); ‘Death Speaks’, Spin Street Gallery (Cape Town); ‘Scintilla: an alchemy show’, Commune 1 (Caper Town); ‘Do It’, Michaelis Gallery (Cape Town); ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, Michaelis Gallery (Cape Town); ‘Post-Colonial Africa’, Klein Karoo International Arts Festival (Oudtshoorn); ‘Suspicious Mind: Artists’ Exploration of Mind and Matter’, Iziko National Gallery Annexe (Cape Town) and Entre-vues (Marnay-sur-seine).

Bianca Baldi, Irina Gheorghe, Kapwani Kiwanga, Alex Impey, Nina Liebenberg, Sarah Pierce, and Alexandra Sukhareva

The Landis Museum


The Landis Museum is a “museum of the encounter” – an institution-within-an-institution constructed to explore various forms of interfacing made visible by the objects exhibited within it.

It contains works by a number of international artists, which have not been gathered as a result of their specific content, but by something within their mode of operation, their starting points, or the manner in which they seek to be read. The exhibits span a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, performance and video.

Supported by Glasgow International and Culture Ireland.

Fri 20 April – Sat 12 May
Open Mon-Sun until 6 May, 12pm-5pm

Then open Fri 11 &  Sat 12 May12pm-5pm
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