Glasgow International 2020

Paul Deslandes

Paul Deslandes (b.1989 Paris, France) lives and works in Glasgow, UK.  Deslandes is an installation artist whose work focuses on contemporary societal issues. His work is informed by in-depth research enabled by cross-disciplinary collaborations, often turning itself to science and technology to find its roots. The work is visually arresting, but it is its visceral and tactile quality creating a tension between the object and the observer that engages the viewer. Using an array of mediums chosen to embody the work’s thematic discourse, Deslandes creates large scale sculptural installations that play both on materiality and spatiality.

Solo shows include: L.O.D, The Number Shop, Edinburgh, UK (2017); N-Pulses, Dysfunction Gallery, Strathaven, UK (2016); Beautiful Cavities, The Arches, Glasgow, UK (2016).

Group shows include: Fields of Wheat, Transmission, Glasgow, UK (2017); Locality, DOK, Edinburgh, UK (2017); New Work from Glasgow, Cork, Ireland (2015); Post-Graduate Degree Show,  Glasgow School of Arts, Glasgow, UK (2015); Up a Bit and to the Right, ROM8, Bergen, Norway (2015); Up Down and Around, Gallery of Modern Arts, Glasgow (2015); Down a bit and to the right, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, UK, (2015).

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Paul Deslandes & Tine Bek

As we fall we walk


As we fall we walk focuses on the concept of mobility and movement by exploring ideals of perfection and disconnection between body and mind.

By combining references to the trivial and the unequivocal, this joint research-based project by Paul Deslandes and Tine Bek interrogates perceived prevalent presuppositions on our ability to move in a frictionless structure, and investigates the notions of perpetual motion, system degradation, freedom and constraint associated with movement.

Supported by Glasgow International.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sun, 10am-5pm

At House For An Art Lover’s Studio Pavilion.

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