Glasgow International 2020

Paula Henrike Herrmann

Paula Henrike Herrmann (born 1993, Switzerland) lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

Herrmann spent a year working with an invented vocabulary, referring to procedures within democracies. This vocabulary moved from being strictly readable to interacting with the abstract represetation of cells. Out of this combination, there now exist two directions within Herrmann’s paintings. One deals with the democratic vocabulary and the other one is occupied with cells and constructed bodies formed out of cells. The paintings are integral to this story.

Previous projects include: summer residency Istituto Svizzero Rome (2017); founding of the curatorial collective Nathalie Portman with Arnaud Wohlhauser, Philémon Otth and Manuel Schneider (2017).

Group exhibitions include: 15 Oktober, 1.1 Space for Zeitgeist Basel, Switzerland (2016); Projekt Ferry Tales, Nathalie Portman, St Johan’s ferry, Basel, Switzerland (2017).

Solo exhibitions include: Kühe, Offenburgerstrasse 49 (2016).

Simon Buckley and Othmar Farré Present FOUNDATION PAINTING SHOW

Jedrzej Cichosz, Olga Cerkasova, Adrian Falkner, Michael Fullerton, Paula Henrike Herrmann, Jan Kiefer, Andrew Kerr, Mathis Gasser, Raphael Linsi, Sophie Mackfall, France-Lise McGurn, Victoria Morton, Alys Owen, Max Ruf, Justin Stephens, Mandy Ure, Anna Diehl


Instead of being hung on a gallery wall, the paintings in this accessible and playful exhibition are placed on sofas in the window of the British Heart Foundation shop on Stockwell Street. Each day, Simon Buckley and Othmar Farré will arrange a new configuration of three or four pieces by a host of international artists.

Placed on the sofas, the paintings project a hard-won casualness, a contorted scene set and there they sit, hiding in plain sight, quietly championing the relevance of a little bit of irreverence.

Supported by Glasgow International. With thanks to The British Heart Foundation.

Thu 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm
Sat, 9am-5pm
Sun, 11am-5pm

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