Rabiya Choudhry

Rabiya Choudhry is an artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. Choudhry is a visual artist whose work explores themes of identity and cultural displacement in contemporary British society with a darkly comedic approach.

Her work expresses the complicated coupling of Eastern and Western cultures in richly vibrant portrayals of the different autobiographical factors present in her own life. Choudhry makes paintings across a range of media and scales: from murals and large-scale canvases to miniatures, small, painted sculptures, text-based artworks and fabrics.

Choudhry graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 with a first-class degree in drawing and painting. Described by the Scotsman newspaper as ‘a distinctive voice in Scottish art’ and featured in The List magazine’s Hot 100 (2018) she has since exhibited both nationally and internationally. Choudhry has also produced commissions for LeithLate, The People's Bank of Govanhill, Rhubaba gallery for Edinburgh Art Festival (2018) and ITV creates (2019). 

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions and projects include: COCO!NUTS!, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2018); Signs Of The Times, Tramway, Glasgow (2017).

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: DCA Thomson, Dundee Contemporary Arts (2016); Polar Twins, Giv-Rum, Copenhagen & The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh (2015); Lake of Stars festival, Malawi (2014); Diaspora performance in collaboration with Theatreworks Singapore, premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival (2009).


Events & performances