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Radclyffe Hall

Radclyffe Hall is a concomitant group of artists and writers dedicated to exploring culture, aesthetics and learning through the lens of contemporary feminism. With no fixed membership or base, Radclyffe first publicly presented in the Fall/Winter of 2015, though she has anonymously participated in a number of public presentations prior to this date, in public art institutions in Tallinn, Glasgow, New York, and London.

Radclyffe Hall has no named individuals except for points of public enunciation (ie. members representing him at a screening, or sending an email on her behalf). The activities of Radclyffe also occur under other names (as Radclyffe also works retroactively, adopting the projects of its members with consent) and has no resume or website presence beyond their Wikipedia page:

Radclyffe Hall

Deep Down Body Thirst


From lesbian feminist graffiti on billboards across London to the crowded bathroom stalls of San Francisco dyke cafes, the spaces through which public lesbian identities emerged between the 1970s and the 1990s have been mythologised, misunderstood, and marginalised. By drawing on photography and ephemera from this period, group exhibition Deep Down Body Thirst examines contemporary resonances of these historical communities, which over the past three decades have been largely overlooked within mainstream gay movements.

Supported by Glasgow International.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Wed & Fri – Sun, 5pm-7pm
Thu, 5pm-9pm

Not accessible

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