Rae-Yen Song

Rae-Yen Song is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Song explores self-mythologising as a survival tactic: using fantasy and fabulation to create a personal cultural and visual language informed by autobiography, ancestral stories, diasporic journeys, relationships and shared memories. Song adopts this language as a tool for self-definition and identification, using it to form narratives that mix humour, empathy and absurdity, which speak broadly and politically about foreignness, identity, survival and what it means to belong - or not. The work becomes a personal activism at a time of social fragmentation.

To date, Song’s work has involved the use of drawing, sculpture, costume, animation, video, online media, family collaboration and performative actions in public. Song has also founded Song's House of Fancy and co-founded the collaborative projects Jarsdell Solutions Ltd and YAKA Collective.

Exhibitions and residencies

Exhibitions and residencies include: Talbot Rice Residents, University of Edinburgh (2019-21); Summer Residency, Hospitalfield, Arbroath (2019); Survey, Jerwood Arts, London (2018) (touring 2019: G39, Cardiff; Bluecoat, Liverpool; BALTIC, Gateshead); Platform, City Art Centre, Edinburgh Art Festival (2018); Le Colt est Jeune & Haine, DOC, Paris (2018); Human Rights Art Festival, JDA Perera Gallery, Colombo.




Events & performances