Raisa Kabir 'নীল. Nil. Nargis. Blue. Bring in the Tide With Your Moon' (2020)


Raisa Kabir

Raisa Kabir (b. 1989 in United Kingdom) lives and works in London, UK. Kabir is an interdisciplinary artist and weaver, who utilises woven text/textiles, sound, video and performance to translate and visualise concepts concerning the cultural politics of cloth, labour and embodied geographies. Kabir addresses cultural anxieties surrounding nationhood, textile identities and the cultivation of borders; as well as examining the encoded violence in histories of labour in globalised neo-colonial textile production.

Her (un)weaving performances comment on power, production, disability and the body as a living archive of collective trauma, where she builds looms with her own body and others. Kabir’s practice currently looks at the weaving processes of gesture, repetition, tension and production, and what it might mean to resist ideas of bodily production, functionality, and capability. Through using weaving as a methodology for resistance, Kabir’s work situates the intensive labour processes of textile production within gallery spaces to highlight the erasure of artist labour within these systems and networks.

Kabir has participated in residencies and exhibited work internationally at The Whitworth, The Tetley, Raven Row, Cove Park, Textile Arts Center NYC, and the Center for Craft Creativity and Design U.S. Kabir has lectured on her research on South Asian textile cultures at Tate Modern, ICA, London College of Fashion, The Courtauld, The Royal College of Art, Manchester School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art.  Group exhibitions include: 2020 Between Cloth and Skin - Compton Verney Art Gallery, UK 2019 ‘Two Loom Cloth’ - Weave It! Stour Space, London 2019 Art In Manufacturing, British Textile Biennial, Queen Street Mill Textile Museum, Burnley 2019 ‘নীল. Nil. Nargis. Blue. Bring in the tide with your moon…’ Performance video, Cove Park, Scotland 2018 ‘Build me a loom off of your back and your stomach’ Textiles and Place, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester 2017 ‘The Body is a site of Production…’ 10 hour performance installation, The Tetley, Leeds 2017 Textile Art Center, NYC, New York, U.S (Solo showcase) 2017 ‘You and I are more alike…’ weaving performance 56 Artillery Lane - Raven Row, London 2017 Beyond Borders, South Asian Textiles exhibition, Tapestry ‘It must be nice to fall in love…’ Whitworth Gallery, Manchester 2016 ‘Warping the borders, fringes; fractured…’ (Performance and video) Whitworth Gallery, Manchester 2016 Warped - An exhibition on Sound and Weaving, Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, North Carolina, U.S 2015 South Asian Futures, Menier Gallery, London 2015 Asymmetric Grief, Arcadia Missa gallery, London 2014 Rites and Rituals, weaving performance, INIVA, London 2014 (in)visible space: queer dimensionality, space and affect - 2014 London Rich Mix Gallery (Solo show) For more information visit: