Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Reiko Goto Collins

A photo of an outstretch arm and hand which is covered by a device with visible batteries, wiring and tubing. In their palm they hold a leaf below part of the machine.
A woman stands below a tree with green and red leaves in a courtyard. Attached to the branches of the tree are pieces of white paper.

Reiko Goto Collins is an accomplished environmental artist with over three decades of experience developing empathic relationships with living creatures. Her artistic practice is informed by the philosophical ideas of Edith Stein and Charles Sanders Peirce, and she has published articles on her work with horses and trees. Her current work is focused on HAKOTO, a body instrument and performance based on listening to processes of photosynthesis and transpiration in a single tree leaf. Earlier work with trees and the environment includes the sound sculpture Plein Air and work on semi ancient forests in Scotland, Future Forest: The Blackwood, Rannoch Scotland; Sylva Caledonia 2016, and Caledonian Decoy 2017.

Reiko is a principal at the Collins & Goto Studio in Glasgow and a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University. She is a visiting research fellow at Bath Spa University and an international associate of the RMIT Arts and Ecologies Research Network (AEGIS), in Melbourne Australia and is a board member of the Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve. This year, besides her work for GI she is participating in the Landscape, Ecology & Environmental Research Residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre and the MQ Artists-in-Residence Program: Art & Ecology, Vienna.