Glasgow International 2020

Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth (b. 1947) is a chronicler of daily life.

Since the 1970’s he has played a leading role in British sculpture, isolating both the formal and sculptural qualities of everyday objects. His extensive archive of photographs, ‘Making Do and Getting By’ (1974 onwards), captures the provisional ways in which people modify the world they inhabit. It suggests an infinite syntax of adjustment, modification and appropriation. The private smile which spectators experience when looking at Wentworth’s work is associated with a deep human capacity to associate the inventive and creative with an internalised highway code for survival.

Richard Wentworth and Victoria Miguel

A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow)


A collaboration between the internationally celebrated artist Richard Wentworth and writer Victoria Miguel, A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow) is the first major presentation of work by Richard Wentworth and Victoria Miguel to take place in Scotland and is SWG3’s first contemporary art commission for the Galvanisers.

Miguel and Wentworth have previously worked together on Smith+Brown’s Instructions/Event (2016), a contemporary version of John Cage’s 1952 Event at Black Mountain College, USA, widely regarded as the first ‘happening’.

Fri 20 April – Sun 6 May
Mon – Sat, 10am-6pm
Sun, 12 noon-5pm

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