Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Rudy Kanhye and Lauren La Rose

A photo taken from above showing an area of grass covered by drinking glasses containing flowers. A hand holding a spoon reaches into the centre glass.
A photo of a wall with two white photo frames hanging from it. In each photo frame is a very large postage stamp with an image of a purple Dodo bird and the text 'R1' and 'Mauritius'.

Artist duo Rudy Kanhye and Lauren La Rose are co-founders of FUTURE FULL, an emerging BPoC and disabled led arts collective. The collective is concerned with the politics of the personal, expanded into works that tackle global politics, climate change and alternative economies using living practice as form. Interrogating intersections between disability, climate, and racial justice.  Thematically their collaborative practices explore embodied forms of storytelling, including archival research, installation, printmaking, performance, growing and cooking practices.

Rudy Kanhye is a disabled Bpoc, curator, artist and researcher working between Mauritius, France and the UK. His research includes archives, food histories and memories, with focus on Mauritius, the Global South and its neo-colonial relationship to the West. Currently he has exhibited multidisciplinary artworks and performances, deconstructing monolithic narratives in relation to the entangled legacies of colonisation, with his father's place of birth -Mauritius island - as a point of departure and territory of experimentation. By investigating the legacy of European colonialism, his work explores the complex histories of migration and trade.

Lauren La Rose (she/they) is a Latine multidisciplinary artist, researcher and educator working at the intersection of curation, producing, radical pedagogy and social practice. As a Merit Scholarship Recipient, she earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art. Passionate about social justice, and equity to the arts, they believe in the power of storytelling and investigates the ways in which artists and activists have historically worked together.

Rudy and Lauren are shortlisted for Unlimited UK Open Award 2024.