Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Saffa Khan

A large yellow cleaning sponge that has been decorated with different coloured paints, assorted types of tape, and mini human figurines.

The images shown above represent the Glasgow International 2024 project that Saffa Khan is participating in, as well as the artist’s individual practice.


Saffa Khan (they/she) is an artist and designer with a focused interest in process and play. They create tangible, self-published printed matter and ceramic objects as a means of navigating their feelings, surroundings and field research. They utilise print and design as a space for experimental collaboration and clay as a body to conjure mementoes, inspired by ceremonial ritualism, folklore, mythology and natural found matter. Saffa also illustrates children’s books and has worked with Chronicle Books, Harper Collins, THEM, V&A and Google.


  • Programme
    Loose Tomatoes in the Backyard
    A photograph featuring a group of people gardening in planters outside of a building. The building has a circular logo sign with the text 'Rumpus Room'.