SAGG Napoli

SAGG Napoli (b. 1991 in Naples, Italy) lives and works in London, UK. Her artistic practice uses narration as a tool to examine the complex socio-political knot of the South of Europe. In her performances body is a tool to reflect on the notions of productivity, self-control, and achievement.

Solo shows include PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: new practices of dignity, DEPARTMENT OBECNOŚCI, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Poland (2018) FAKE THINGS ARE FLAMABLE- e cos favz s’appiccn, Like a little disaster, Polignano a Mare, Italy (2018) SI NA BUJI PI COSC LISC E O’ SMALT NGOPP ALL’OGN- You’re a lie with smooth thighs and painted nails, Jupiter Woods, London, UK (2017).

Group shows include Radical Self Love, Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna, Austria (2019) ALL SMALL THINGS Milan, Italy (2019), UNBOTHERED AND MOISTURISED, Eaton Workshop, Hong Kong (2019), BLADE BUNNER, SPRINT independent Publishing Fair, Milan (2017)