SAGG Napoli

SAGG Napoli is an artist who lives and works in London. Her artistic practice uses narration as a tool to examine the complex socio-political knot of the South of Europe. In her performances, the body is a tool to reflect on notions of productivity, self-control and achievement.

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions include: Pride and Prejudice: new practices of dignity, Departament Obecności, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw (2018); Fake Things are Flammable, Polignano a Mare (2018); Si na bugij pi cosc lisc e o smalt ngopp all'ogn (You’re a lie with smooth thighs and painted nails), Jupiter Woods, London (2017).

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: Radical Self Love, Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna (2019); All Small Things, Milan (2019); Unbothered and Moisturised, Eaton Workshop, Hong Kong (2019); Blade Runner, Sprint independent publishing fair, Milan (2017).