Glasgow International 2020

Samuel Capps

Samuel Capps is an artist and curator based in London whose interest lies in various applications of technology and how this can transform both humans and nature.

His practice looks at the affect technology has on creating new spatial contexts and our perceptional displacement to a new digital sub-dimension. He has previously been exploring an idea of the ‘Technonatural’; the point where technology embedded into the materiality of humans and their environments becomes imperceivable. His practice also considers the representation of media archaeology and the human impact that has created the epoch of the Anthropocene, extending to radical projections of our future materiality in a post-nature or a post-human world.

He is currently studying MA Critical Practice at the Royal College of Art, a new program which blends fine art studio practice with critical writing. He runs London based gallery Gossamer Fog, which exhibits works placed at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Will Kendrick, Joey Holder, Lewk Wilmshurst, Eva Papamargariti, Christopher MacInnes, Samuel Capps, Diane Edwards, Ben Skea, and Andrew Sunderland

Second Nature


Home-Platform and Gossamer Fog collaborate curatorially to present an extensive group show, Second Nature.  Home-Platform is a nomadic curatorial research unit exhibiting the work of emerging artists and Gossamer Fog is a London based, artist-run  gallery focused on technology orientated UK based artists.  Second Nature is a conceptually focused group show exploring notions of hybrid realities, synthetic biologies and ungrounded perceptions in a post-natural world.

Supported by Glasgow International.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Thu, 11am-6pm
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Sun, 11am-6pm

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