Glasgow International 2020

Shona Macnaughton

Shona Macnaughton (b. 1993 in London) is an artist whose practice is rooted in performance, writing and film, through staging reenactments of relationships between characters, making scripts and actions which aim to confront an audience.

She uses a method of reframing texts relating to the site of display, transferring them from their original context onto present political and technological conditions. Her work is responsive to the political conditions around specific architectures – which can be both physical and virtual spaces – and how their design works. Macnaughton completed her MFA at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Arm’s Length Government Body’, Céline, Glasgow, ‘The Endarkenment; Art and Unreason’. 1945 – Present, Dovecot, Edinburgh and ‘Blend the acclaim of your chant with the Timbrels’, Jerwood Staging Series, Jerwood Space, London (all 2016).

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Ruth Barker, Jasper Coppes, Alan Currall, Sarah Forrest, Susan Brind, Jim Harold, Shona Macnaughton, Duncan Marquiss, Shauna McMullan, and Joanna Peace

Cabinet Interventions


A collaboration between ten artists and the National Trust for Scotland, Cabinet Interventions interrogates the role of material culture in defining place. In post-Brexit Scotland, how might often-contested identities and histories be articulated through institutions such as the Trust?

In 2017 the artists spent time in residence at Pollok House, exploring the cultural, political, historical, ecological and sensorial context of the site. This exhibition draws upon that research and dialogue to present sound, film, sculpture, text and performance.

Supported by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Glasgow School of Art.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sun, 10am-5pm

Partially accessible

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