Glasgow International 2020


SPAM zine is a triannual publication of post-internet poetry based in Glasgow. Acknowledging that our online and IRL everyday floats on an infinite stream of textual detritus, SPAM wishes to bridge the gap between the internet divine and the pathetic IRL; to make poetry meme, and meme poetry; to watch highbrow theory and pop culture have animalistic sex live on Facebook; to Make Poetry Cool Again with both self-devouring irony and constructive sincerity.  

SPAM provides a DIY platform for writers and other semi-human text-machines to work through the frustrating bipolarity of our contemporary condition, and channel its metamodern oscillation​s​ between eagerness and cynicism. Our aim is to import the experimental culture, computer aesthetics and hypertextual modalities of the internet era into a literary scene often stuck in its old ways, to overwrite the pen-and-quill ideal of the poetic sublime with a pirate signal, a Bebo haiku, a flarf rip-off.

Only Skin, SPAM and Colin Herd

This Flag is a Hull (Two)


This Flag is a Hull (Two) is a programme of poetry and spoken word performance. Blending poetry, visual art, theatre and performance, it explores contemporary poetry and the margins of poetic activity across Glasgow.

A sequel to The Poetry’s Club’s first event of this kind, which took place in 2013 in response to the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay, This Flag is a Hull brings together curated performances and activities from a selection of past performers and resident collectives.

Wed 2 May – Sun 6 May
Wed – Sun, 7pm-11pm

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