Glasgow International 2020

Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng

Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng (b. 1985 Northern Ireland) is a Northern Irish-born Scottish-based illustrator and visual live drawing media artist.  Fantasy, surreal realities and dreamy nostalgia absorb into her intricate, riotous ink drawings. Playful candy and neon colours fuse into her unique overwhelmed images, which often focus on female anthropomorphic figures taking central subject in these worlds.  

Travel sketchbooks and personal diaries play an important role in Ursula’s image making process, with an ongoing pursuit to find innovative ways to depict her experiences through her illustration work.  

Broad influences from street art, folkloric history, music, ancient relics, religious artworks, childhood memories spent in Hong Kong, escapist American television and Asian comics all collide into two-dimensional line work that presents a conversation on the hyper-real future, social ideals and expectations of the female individual. In an age of digital culture and information overload, Ursula’s work harnesses the power of the hyperactive mind.   

Recent exhibitions include Cloud Sutra, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow (2017), SaraiEva, Mural Exhibit -Sistaz Place, ROG – Ljubljana, Slovenia (2016), and He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven – Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh.

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Louise Gibson, Diane Edwards, Sheena Leach, Ursula Kam Ling Cheng and Erika Stevenson

Transmuted Worlds


Vibrant and visceral, curious and re-imagined, this large-scale exhibition is composed with materials collected from previous constructs from the city of Glasgow.

The artists have created a programme of workshops, live digital drawing, talks and discussion for all ages to get involved with. Their aim is to work individually and as a unit, utilising each other’s skillsets to create an energetic place for the public to engage with over the course of the festival.

With special thanks to the Glasgow School of Art Archives, Clockwise and Ssssstudio.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sun, 12 noon-6pm

Partially accessible

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