Glasgow International 2020

Victoria Miguel

Victoria Miguel is a writer and a producer.

Miguel’s play De Tribus Impostoribus was published by the online magazine Triple Canopy in 2010. Her book My Favourite Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs was published by The Proconsul Editions in 2012. In 2012, she also contributed the novella, Smith&Brown, to Matthew Lusk’s exhibition More Broken Glass Than There Was Window in New York. She was the assistant to the Director of the John Cage Trust from 2001 until 2007, and was commissioned by the Trust in 2013 to create an online version of Cage’s composition Reunion (1968), which premiered in tandem with her play Laquearia­ at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that year.

In 2016, the curatorial and publishing company she co-founded, Smith+Brown, staged the first full re-creation of Cage’s infamous first ‘happening,’ the ‘Event’ at Black Mountain College. Instructions/Event combined Rudolf Stingel’s book Instructions (1989), which details how to re-create his silver paintings, with the most mythologised of all of Cage’s concerts. These performances in London featured new work by Richard Wentworth, new choreography by Julie Cunningham, and contemporary music performed by The Hermes Experiment. A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow) is a new collaboration with Richard Wentworth.

Richard Wentworth and Victoria Miguel

A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow)


A collaboration between the internationally celebrated artist Richard Wentworth and writer Victoria Miguel, A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow) is the first major presentation of work by Richard Wentworth and Victoria Miguel to take place in Scotland and is SWG3’s first contemporary art commission for the Galvanisers.

Miguel and Wentworth have previously worked together on Smith+Brown’s Instructions/Event (2016), a contemporary version of John Cage’s 1952 Event at Black Mountain College, USA, widely regarded as the first ‘happening’.

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