Wassili Widmer

Wassili Widmer is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. In his practice he explores the ideas of performativity of space through mixed media by considering the elements ‘score’ and ‘event’ of the Fluxus movement.

In relation to the discourse of transhumanism he explores the field between virtuality and performativity. A performance score can be seen as a form of coding the body and is inherently performative and arguably also virtual. This performativity is an essential part of human coexistence in social spaces (for example, in rave culture) or in cyberspace. Widmer’s practice asks why and how we perform and what its interpersonal consequences are. His practice revolves around ideas of collaboration, communication and empathy. 

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: 58th Venice Biennale, Liechtenstein symposium: Art in Dataspace at the Museo Correr, Venice (2019); Hopelessly Devoted, Garment Factory, Glasgow (2019); Heimspiel, Art Museum Appenzell (2018); Liste Art Fair, Basel (2018); 5 3 N S 3 N () ‡ VOL. 999, No Nation Art Gallery, Chicago (2017); Stereoskop IV, PFERD, Vienna (2017); Manifesta, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (2016).

Events & performances