Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Zana Araki

Zana Araki (They/Them) is a Scottish, Queer, Neurodivergent artist whose multidisciplinary practice lies between Sculpture, Textiles and Creative Workshops exploring sensory and wellbeing processes that use tactility, material symbolism and physicality to aid soothing and release through sense led interaction with materials and natural environments.

Feeling the way through each emotive response and bodily experience, their practice underlines the use of material language as a crucial tool in our understanding and expression, highlighting non-verbal ways of communicating which challenge ableism and raise awareness of unseen conditions. Zana’s work advocates for open dialogue around health, wellbeing and the diversity of individual lived experience, bringing to light the causes and effects of trauma and creating ways to soothe by connecting creatively with nature.

Working instinctively, they tap into an unconscious flow between internal and external, healing, using lived experience to inform research, and a Neuro Affirming workshop practice that uses creativity, wellness and activism to hold space and encourage connectivity and release.