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Ashanti Harris, Zephyr Liddell, Patricia Panther


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The Jumbies 360° video is best accessed via a mobile phone or tablet with headphones 

Jumbies is a collaborative ‘group-show-as-performance’ which weaves together the practices of visual artist Ashanti Harris, textile designer Zephyr Liddell, and sound artist Patricia Panther. Each artist has produced work in response to Jacques Derrida’s concept of ‘hauntology’, an interrogation of the ways in which people, places and things are ‘haunted’ by histories which are simultaneously neither present nor absent. Drawing from this concept, Jumbies is an exploration of the visible and the invisible across intersecting art forms and artistic practices. Taking its title from the jumbie – a Caribbean colloquial for ghost – the project combines dance, sound, and printed textiles to create a performative space of layered fictions, alternate realities, apparitions and re-presentations.

The Jumbies performances were filmed at The Pyramid at Anderston community centre in Glasgow and are presented as a 360° video work. This is accompanied by workshops for teenagers in Anderston and a printed publication which brings together new writing and illustration by Harris, Liddell and Panther alongside commissioned texts by Raisa Kabir, Marie O’Connor and Ranjana Thapalyal, which further unravel and reveal the ideas and practices within Jumbies.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Glasgow International and Panel


A version of the 360 video with audio description video will be available from Monday 14 June, apologies for the delay.

When viewing the 360° video, select full screen mode before you press play. When watching the video you can look in all directions through the screen by turning your body accordingly. However, if you would prefer to watch from a seated position, you can use your touch screen or mouse to navigate.

Jumbies performance credits
Movement and performance: Ashanti Harris
Costume and textiles: Zephyr Liddell
Music composition, Sound design and Narration:Patricia Panther
Lighting design: Robbie Thomson
Post production: Bevis Evans-Teush
Garment making: Morag Seaton
Audio mastering: Jack Coghill
Lighting technicians: Dav Bernard, Shaun Murphy
Filmed on location at The Pyramid Anderston
Produced by Ashanti Harris and Zephyr Liddell

With thanks to
Centre for Advanced Textiles, National Theatre of Scotland, The Work Room, Ben Ashton, James Farlam, Jen Martin, Arianna Mele at PrintClan, Raisa Kabir, Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor, Alicia Matthews, Jen Thomson, Netoya of Veritas Maat sees thru the veil youtube channel, Marie O’Connor, Ranjana Thapalyal and all the jumbies, ancestors and spirits whose apparitions have graced this project


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Ashanti Harris, Jumbies (2018) Photo: Jen Martin