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Digital Programme

Twelve Theses on Attention

Fri 11 June

Izik Alequin, Gianna Badiali, D Graham Burnett, Sofia Camargo Hoyos, Pablo Chea, Claudia Claremi, Terrance Daye, Amanda GutiƩrrez, Masami Kubo, Alyssa Loh, Carman Spoto, Lane Stroud, Kevin Vu

Drafted by the Friends of Attention, the Twelve Theses on Attention call for the creation of 'attentional sanctuaries', spaces to foster a new politics of astonishment and care.

Filmmakers Alyssa Loh and Lane Stroud are hosting a screening of their collaboratively curated series of short films built around the Theses, and exploring the problem of world-making through joint attention. The screening also includes an opening discussion and Q&A session to follow, hosted by D. Graham Burnett.

Thesis 1. Izik Alequin
Thesis 2. Kevin Vu
Thesis 3. Terrance Daye
Thesis 4. Gianna Badiali
Thesis 5. Sofia Camargo Hoyos
Thesis 6. Alyssa Loh
Thesis 7. Pablo Chea
Thesis 8. Carman Spoto
Thesis 9. Amanda GutiƩrrez
Thesis 10. Claudia Claremi
Thesis 11. Masami Kubo
Thesis 12. Lane Stroud

Supported by Glasgow International

Friends of Attention, Twelve Theses on Attention film still (2020)