Encounters: A Glasgow International Podcast

Encounters is a new podcast from Glasgow International, featuring artists from the 2021 programme in free form conversation about their work, the world, as well as the theme of this year’s festival, ‘Attention’.

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Encounters 11: Ingrid Pollard and Freya Monk-McGowan

Artist and photographer Ingrid Pollard and curator Freya Monk-McGowan discuss the history behind the Lesbian Archive, now housed at Glasgow Women’s library, and how it led to Ingrid’s exhibition No Cover Up.
Audio extracts from No Cover Up are used with permission of artist, Ingrid Pollard.

Read the episode 11 transcript at Glasgow Women’s Library,


Encounters 10: Margaret Salmon and Kirsteen Macdonald

Filmmaker Margaret Salmon and curator Kirsteen Macdonald discuss how feminist economics was the starting point for their exhibition Home Economics which centres around Margaret’s new film Icarus (After Amelia).
Extracts from Icarus (After Amelia) are used with permission of Margaret Salmon, Maria Fusco and Tracyanne Campbell


Encounters 9: D. Graham Burnett and Sal Randolph

In this episode D. Graham Burnett and Sal Randolph discuss their upcoming GI event The Dance of Attention, their involvement in the research collective ESTAR(SER) www.estarser.net and their shared interest in the history and practices of attention.


Episode 8: Shifting Attention (Richard Parry, Orit Gat, Brian Dillon, Stefanie Hessler)

This episode is an edited version of an event which was recorded in April 2020 as part of Glasgow International’s online programme. GI director, Richard Parry, chairs a panel discussion on the Festival’s theme of ‘Attention’ with guests Orit Gat, Brian Dillon and Stefanie Hessler.


Episode 7: Graham Fagen and Maria Fusco

Graham Fagen and Maria Fusco reflect on the importance of names and how they relate to our identity and culture – themes explored in Graham’s exhibition ‘The Ping Pong Club (an archive of the misspelling of Graham Fagen)


Episode 6: Awuor Onyango and Sekai Machache (Part 2)

In Part Two of their conversation, Awuor Onyango and Sekai Machache explore the legacy of African diaspora in Scotland and Kenya and talk about the perspectives gained from their respective journeys to Glasgow and Nairobi.

(Strong language warning)


Episode 5: Awuor Onyango and Sekai Machache (Part 1)

Awuor Onyango and Sekai Machache talk about how their friendship developed whilst working on their joint exhibition Body of Land which touches on themes of diaspora, ancestry, spirituality and femininity.


Episode 4: D. Graham Burnett and Stevie Knauss (The Friends of Attention)

Attention is the theme of this year’s Glasgow International Festival. One of its early events is a screening of Twelve Theses on Attention – a film inspired by the document of the same name drafted by The Friends of Attention, whose members include Stevie Knauss and D Graham Burnett. In this episode Stevie and Graham discuss the background to the creation of the Friends of Attention and why there’s an urgent need to generate conversation around the subject.


Episode 3: Catalina Barroso-Luque and Daniella Valz Gen

Catalina Barroso-Luque and Daniella Valz Gen discuss the forced evolution of their joint project Deslices during the Covid crisis. Occupying the spaces ‘where bodies are lost in translation’, they explore how language has influenced the work and the similarities and differences between their respective Latin American and South American identities.


Episode 2: Aman Sandhu and Andrew Black

Aman Sandhu and Andrew Black describe the inspiration behind their joint exhibition The Magic Roundabout and The Naked Man. They explore their shared interest in challenging accepted norms and reflect on how their friendship has affected their creative practice.


Episode 1: Introduction (featuring Glasgow International Festival Director, Richard Parry)

Richard Parry, director of Glasgow International, introduces the Encounters podcast which brings together artists, curators, writers and makers in a series of creative conversations. The hope is to generate fresh perspectives on art and its role in the world now, as well as shedding light on individual and collaborative creative processes. Richard also gives some background into the decision to choose ‘Attention’ as the theme of this year’s Glasgow International.


Production Credits:
Producer: Lynsey Moyes
Original Music: Pete Burns
GI Encounters is supported by the Scottish Government’s Expo and Arts Fund