Glasgow International

Festival 2016



25 Albert Drive
G41 2PE


For this exhibition, Bircken has created new works which fit into the tracks of Tramway, engaging both conceptually and literally with the history of the space and the impotence of the defunct lines.

Her work often confronts the idea of disrupted movement. The sculptures frame the interruption of movement, and in turn examine ideas of escape, freedom and risk within these works. She highlights a certain tragic aspect of the space – there is no tram in sight, and the lines are now obstructed by walls on either side. They no longer lead anywhere. Their former potential and dynamic is broken.

Referring to another aspect of Glasgow’s industrial history, Bircken’s new work for this exhibition incorporates reclaimed metal sheets. The recurring patterns and textures relate to the intricate nature of woven textiles, which are mobile structures. Subjects such as the transient nature of temporary living structures, aspects of migration and nomadic living are recurrent themes in Bircken’s work.

Commissioned by Glasgow International.

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