Andrew Black, Aman Sandhu
GI online
11 Jun — 27 Jun 2021

This online exhibition includes drawing, text and two new film works by Andrew Black and Aman Sandhu that are united by an interest in queer narratives of place.

Sandhu’s The Magic Roundabout uses a notorious traffic intersection in Swindon as a stage for a series of stories about alternative forms of labour within a local Punjabi family. Shot entirely inside a car driven continuously around the roundabout, the film creates a state of suspension and disorientation while critiquing heteronormative colonial framings of South Asian migrants.

Black’s The Naked Man takes place in the depopulated uplands surrounding a US radar base in Northern England. Forming part of an ongoing body of work, The Naked Man explores traces of different social and industrial pasts submerged and obfuscated in the surrounding topography, and reflects on weird synchronicities which connect to other, anxious narratives of surveillance and control.

Supported by Glasgow International


Digital Exhibition online from 11 June

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