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The Faceless Enemy of Me, Sits in the Squares

Bobby Sayers


Set on the site where a former council block was demolished, Bobby Sayers’ short play ‘The Faceless Enemy of Me, Sits in the Squares’ brings to life the banalities of the process of community land ownership. Sayers uses actors and musicians to conjure the journey of one person who leads the fight to claim multiple disused properties in Glasgow. Taking performance art as a starting point, ‘The Faceless Enemy of Me, Sits in the Squares’ uses poetry and physical theatre to explore the emotional and physical effects that processes such as compulsory purchase orders and community buyouts have on those involved. The piece discusses the hidden knowledge contained within social and political hierarchies, the struggles and structures of societies, and the roles communities have in their futures.

Free, no booking required.

Sunday 29th April, 3-4pm

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