Untitled, 2011, Raydale Dower. Courtesy of the artist.

Heaven Baek, Briggs & Cole, Raydale Dower

First public exhibition, Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art

Preview 21 March 2014, 6-8pm

An inaugural public exhibition is an important time in the opening of any new public gallery. It can signify intent, offer the opportunity for gallery goers to experience the possibilities of the new space and can also be a celebration of an achievement of the building come to life.

Steven Holl Architects’ work has often been inspired by the connection between architecture and music. A ‘caesura’ (pronounced say-sura) denotes a brief, silent pause in poetry or music, during which metrical time is not counted. As this new building welcomes people and springs into to life, occupied by its community, visited by the public, this inaugural exhibition is intended to act as a ‘caesura’. It is a pause in time, the beginning of a new chapter for the art school. Steven Holl has also inspired the title of the exhibition with his quote: ‘the twilight of northern cities …offers a caesura, a silent uncertain suspension for reflective… thoughts’.

The new works we have commissioned for ‘Caesura’, offer the opportunity to encounter, experience and reflect on this new space. The commissions are all by GSA Graduates from different disciplines, highlighting that one of the guiding principles of the Reid Building is a space for ‘creative abrasion’ where disciplines come into dialogue with one another. The commissions are by Heaven Baek (GSA MFA graduate, lives and works in Seoul), designers Briggs & Cole (Jane Briggs is a GSA Product Design graduate, Christy Cole, a GSA Fine Art graduate, live and work in Glasgow), and GSA Sound for the Moving Image graduate Raydale Dower (lives and works Glasgow).

Briggs & Cole are responding to the relationship between the Mackintosh Building and Reid Building, and are making a Board Room table for the gallery that brings together imagery from the architecture of both buildings and looks at the power dynamic between the two. Heaven Baek, who is based in Seoul, has been commissioned to make a new film that uses another Steven Holl Architects’ building in Seoul, the Daeyang Gallery & House, as its location and inspiration. This film will provide an expanded reading of the Reid building in Glasgow, by referencing another Holl Architects’ building, and also signifies that GSA graduates live and work all over the world. Raydale Dower will produce a new sound work which triggers as visitors move through the gallery space.