Image Credit: Courtesy the artist.

Charlotte Prodger
McLellan Galleries
04 Apr — 21 Apr 2014

Charlotte Prodger’s installations and performances explore what happens to speech and other representations of the self as they metamorphose via time, space and various technological systems.  For Glasgow International 2014, Prodger produces a new sculptural installation that expands her on-going enquiry into the contingency and intimacy of materials both physical and textual.

Audio and video play through equipment that is itself in possession of its own highly specific technological capacity, design history and subcultural aesthetics. In addition to this installation, Prodger constructs a new body of Perspex sculptures, which explore the material’s optical nature as both transparent and impenetrable.

Elements of display and design are rerouted alongside decontextualised narratives, to create an itinerant space of desire. 

Thanks to Ewan and Pete at Touzie Tyke.

Commissioned by Glasgow International
Supported by Homecoming Scotland and Culture 2014

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