Top image credit: Claire Barclay, Bright Bodies, 2016. Kelvin Hall, Glasgow International 2016. Photographer: Ruth Clark.


Kelvin Hall has a complex history that reflects the changing needs and attitudes of the people of Glasgow through the exhibitions and entertainment it has hosted. Barclay’s work draws upon aspects of the building’s past to create a large-scale installation within one of the near-derelict spaces before it is once again transformed as part of a major refurbishment.

By responding to archival material relating to the 1951 Exhibition of Industrial Power, Barclay explores past and present attitudes to our industrial heritage and its influence on culture.

The work suggests a disconnect between the glorification of industrial achievements and the raw, brutal nature of production.  The sculptural forms reflect the artist’s ongoing interest in exploring how meanings are encapsulated within materials, in this case coal and steel that were given prominent status in the 1951 exhibition.

Commissioned by Glasgow International.

Supported by Outset Scotland.

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