Glasgow International

Festival 2016



Venue TBC


Bothy Stores, an online annex of The Bothy Project, presents two projects by Sworn and design label Trakke investigating Glasgow as an industrial town in the context of its history, legacy and culture. This focuses on its legacy of shipbuilders and merchant classes – traders in chemicals, tobacco and cotton – as well as the culture, style and people in today’s city.

Sworn and Alec Farmer of Trakke use research into the conduits of trade, the marks these have left on the city, or absences now embedded within it, to open out the city’s possibilities, actualities and hauntings.

They consider the origins of raw materials, where they go and what they become, and look at the fragments of buildings that still act as way markers, either for directions in the present or to a city no longer here. Their narrative evokes these shifts making work that is at once demonstrative, descriptive and questioning of Glasgow’s industrial legacy.

Supported by Glasgow International and Outset Scotland.

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