Events & performances

Day of Joy

Join us for an afternoon of celebration on the banks for the Forth & Clyde Canal that explores waterways as sites of journey, mourning, loss, renewal, and healing.

Carnival Arts have produced a range of carnival inspired makes and interventions in and around the Forth & Clyde Canal at Applecross Basin to set the stage for a live performance by the Joyous Choir featuring a special guest, Farzane Zamen, a singer/songwriter from Iran. The choir will share their own original songs as well as songs from their own cultures; songs of solidarity, sisterhood, friendship, freedom, journeys, and dreams.

As part of the event, Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) will also be presenting In Our Shoes – a visual installation of shoes with messages and quotes drawn from the stories gathered in the In Our Shoes anthology, developed by MIN’s Creative Writing Group. The work explores the power of creative writing to communicate lived experiences of exodus, loss, pain, sadness, uncertainty, and inhumane treatment of the refugee community by the Home Office policies. MIN invite you to experience life in their shoes, which will transport us into lives and histories very different from our own.

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