Duncan Campbell

For his new commission, Turner Prize-winning artist Duncan Campbell presents us with a giant electromagnetic mechanical display. Akin to a message board at a railway station, airport, or stock exchange, the screen creates highly pixelated moving images, somewhere between animation, film and drawing, but on a cinematic scale. In conjunction with this is a recorded voice that tries to order information and present it to us. In attempting to corral all this visual data, the work interrogates the relationship between memory and what appears on the screen.

Campbell’s new commission draws upon his own earlier works such as Falls Burns Malone Fiddles (2004) and It for Others (2013). Both these earlier works and Campbell’s new installation express an interest in values and a repressed instinct of biographical curiosity. Key touchstones are the novels of Samuel Beckett, which seem suspended in mid-air between oppressive container and a yearning for containment.


Made possible with Art Fund support

Additional support from Barrowlands Ballroom

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