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Only Skin – Draft

On All Fours / Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman / Dan, Just Dan

100 Eastvale Place
G3 8QG


Following two years of scratch events, offering theatremakers and performers in Glasgow a platform to test new and challenging ideas, Only Skin’s pilot scheme DRAFT has supported three artists to further develop three exciting new pieces of work. This event marks the culmination of the DRAFT project, with each artist – Annie Lowry Thomas, Jamie Bolland & Ross Wylie – showcasing their work, developed with Only Skin over the last 4 months.

DRAFT is an investigation in supporting solo performance practice, making the development process of three chosen pieces of theatre as transparent and accessible as possible.

Booking required, fees apply; for more information, and to book, visit:

Fri 4th May, 7-10pm

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