Georgina Starr 'Moment Memory Monument' (2017) Courtesy of Georgina Starr and Alcantara ®

Georgina Starr
Moment Memory Monument
100 Eastvale Pl, Stobcross Rd, Glasgow G3 8QG
24 Apr — 10 May 2020
Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm Sun, 12pm – 6pm
This exhibition was due to take place during Glasgow International 2020, 23 April – 10 May, which has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The festival will be re-staged in 2021 with dates to be announced.

Moment Memory Monument (2017) is a large-scale sculptural performance installation situated within the setting of the Time and Memory Research laboratory, transplanted into the Galvanizers, a former warehouse space at SWG3. At the centre of the work is ‘The Sphere’, a giant brain-like sculptural form with a soft and embracing interior.

Moment Memory Monument revisits a scenario from Alain Resnais’ darkly surrealist sci-fi film Je t’aime, Je t’aime (1968), in which scientists test a new time-machine on a man who has recently attempted suicide, thereby forcing him to relive his real or imagined memories with the hope he will be cured. In the exhibition, it is the visitors who are chosen by ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Moon’ and invited to take a journey in ‘The Sphere’. Once inside a voice gently guides them to a memory from their own past which they have one minute to re-live before returning back to the present. This is the UK premiere of the work.

Supported by Alcantara, The Henry Moore Foundation, The Hunterian, University of Glasgow, and SWG3

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