Glasgow International

Festival 2014

Gerard Malanga, Douglas Hart and Ryan S. McGill

Mutant Moments And Memorabilia

Voidoid Archive


*This exhibition replaces the cancelled Andy Warhol, Jim Lambie and Baldvin Ringsted exhibition at Voidoid Archive*

Mutant Moments and Memorabilia at VoidoidARCHIVE will be exhibiting works by Gerard Malanga, Douglas Hart and Ryan S. McGill.

Gerard Malanga is a poet, photographer and filmmaker who worked closely with Andy Warhol during the artists most creative period in the mid-sixties. VoidoidArchive are proud to have the opportunity to present three photographic works by this outstanding artist.
Douglas Hart is a musician, fimmaker and artist. A founding member of legendary band The Jesus and Mary Chain, Hart went on to pursue his own music projects, through video and filmmaking. He will be presenting a work from his series titled Passed X.
Ryan S. McGill is a photographer. His most recent undertaking has seen him work closely with The Poetry Club in Glasgow. McGills photographic documentation of the venue has seen him capture some of the most significant moments and memorable performances by artists staged at the venue. He will be presenting a single photographic work titled Spiritualized.
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