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Gianna Badiali, D. Graham Burnett, Claudia Claremi, Terrance Daye, Sofia Camargo Hoyos, Alyssa Loh, Lane Stroud
Twelve Theses on Attention
GI online
11 Jun — 11 Jun 2021

Drafted by the Friends of Attention, the Twelve Theses on Attention call for the creation of ‘attentional sanctuaries’, spaces to foster a new politics of astonishment and care.

Filmmakers Alyssa Loh and Lane Stroud are hosting a screening of their collaboratively curated series of short films built around the Theses, and exploring the problem of world-making through joint attention. The screening also includes an opening discussion and Q&A session to follow, hosted by D. Graham Burnett. The event features work by Gianna Badiali, Claudia Claremi, Terrance Daye and Sofia Camargo Hoyos.

Supported by Glasgow International