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Naomi Garriock

Glove Poppet Effigy Making Workshop


Have you been ghosted by The One who wasn’t even a 3? Do you still miss your childhood pet 20 years on? Are you feeling gutted after that belief system just died a death, along with those favourite shoes?

Would you like to make an effigy to personify and channel your grief, love, or anger? Hosted by artist and educator Naomi Garriock, the Glove-Poppet Effigy making session mixes the historic Scottish poppet – a small figure of a human being used in sorcery and witchcraft – and puppet making to offer a fun and irreverent approach to death and the loss of ideas, objects and animals.

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This event is in connection with Xsexcentenary’s One Stop Memorial Shop.


Fri 27 April, 2pm – 4pm

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