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Hamja Ahsan
Shy Radicals Film Season (And Training Films)
Rattle Library at Glasgow Autonomous Space
Unit 11, 53 Kilbirnie Street G5 8JD
30 Apr — 04 May 2020
Thu 30 April – Mon 4 May Thu – Mon, 7pm – 12am
This exhibition was due to take place during Glasgow International 2020, 23 April – 10 May, which has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The festival will be re-staged in 2021 with dates to be announced.

In 2017, Hamja Ahsan published Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert, a book that is both political manifesto and allegorical novel, blurring national constitution with fictionalised oral history. The book is a blueprint for a fictional liberation struggle: that of shy, introverted, and autistic spectrum peoples struggling to exist within ‘the hegemony of the Extrovert-Supremacist World Order’.

For Glasgow International, Rattle Library is bringing to life a speculative film season proposed within the book. A lending library and zine collection housed in Glasgow Autonomous Space, the library plays host to a programme of documentaries, chick flicks, revenge movies, and avant-garde cinema, all featuring shy heroes or autistic spectrum icons who use ‘hushed, reflective quiet’ as a form of cultural resistance to bullying and oppression.

Supported by Glasgow International

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