Glasgow international

Festival 2016



Kelvin Hall
1445 Argyle Street
G3 8AW


Johnson’s work poses questions about the ways in which history is formed and the readability of contextually specific cultural signifiers today. The exhibition consists of a series of large-scale paintings on unstretched canvas that, suspended from the ceiling in the foyer of Kelvin Hall, variously frame and obscure one another.

Johnson’s paintings push into internal, visceral spaces and out to sweeping expanses. Scenes from classical mythology are taken, distorted and repurposed as a means to cast a critical eye upon contemporary social bonds and the legacies of colonialism.

Hung away from the walls, the backs of the paintings are also visible. They contain sketches and notes about their production as frontal image-spaces, becoming a metaphor for alternative accounts of history that persist as a foil to official versions.

Commissioned by Glasgow International in collaboration with Mary Mary.

Supported by Creative Victoria.

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