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Henry Coombes

Love and Lithium


Love and Lithium is an experimental art film combining documentary with cinematic surreal-ism, telling the story of a larger than life Glaswegian, Marcella Macintosh. A hell-raiser in her youth, who drank with legends such as Vivian Stanshall, she has been in recovery for the past 30 years. In the early 2000’s she was mis-diagnosed with a mental health condition and given a prescription of Lithium against her will. Her case helped to change Scottish Law and now a single psychiatrist cannot make a compulsory prescription without going through an ethical board. The film weaves together Marcella’s memories, the present and her hopes for the future with reflections on a life lived to the full.

Supported by Glasgow International and Platform.

Sat 28 Apr, shown during Platform’s Outskirts Festival (screening with performance)
Sun 29 Apr, 2pm

For event times and tickets please see Platform’s website.

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