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Evan Hardy



Responding to Alex Tedlie-Stursberg’s sculptural work “Vessels” (presented as a part of the group exhibition Holy Wave), Evan Hardy will be performing a new ambient piece entitled Hollow. The piece will be performed using modular synthesis and tape loops of field recordings made in both artificial and natural caves of British Columbia, Canada’s Fraser Valley.

Hardy will also be presenting a sound installation entitled Subterrane, which will consist of a generative sound piece that is constantly shifting, created by an independent system using a modular synthesizer and field recordings.

Evan Hardy is a Vancouver based musician, artist and archaeologist, who creates compositions inspired and shaped by the weighted complexities associated with working with remains from the distant past – while living in the present. Hardy explores themes related to our relationships with our environments, and the sound of continuously occupied spaces. These compositions mirror the stratigraphic structure of middens.

Free, no booking required.

22nd April, 6pm
24th April, 3-6pm

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