Katie Watchorn

Zero-Grazing encompasses a series of new sculptural works by Katie Watchorn which occupy the gallery at Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover.

Watchorn’s practice is rooted in the rhythms of farming and land management in rural Ireland. Primarily sculptural, her work often employs fickle, agriculturally specific materials (aggregates, fats, plastics) in combination with familiar rural motifs and ubiquitous objects (troughs, trailers, buckets). These temporary encounters establish a new awareness of a contemporary rather than a vanished existence.

Her work often minimalises the inherently chaotic environment of farming practice by reducing it to its barest outlines, allowing for an abstraction of this otherwise practical environment. In essence, the rurality of her existence is often rendered sterile and ambiguous, a symptom of her own fluctuation from rural to urban environments, and how these landscapes often compete in her mind.

Supported by Culture Ireland, Glasgow International and The Elephant Trust

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