Laura Aldridge, Leanne Ross, Judith Scott
The Outside is Inside Everything We Make
Kendall Koppe 2021
36-38 Coburg Street
G5 9JF
11 Jun — 24 Jul 2021
Tue – Sun, 12pm – 6pm
(from 28 June, Wed – Sat, 12pm – 6pm)
This exhibition was due to take place during Glasgow International 2020, 23 April – 10 May, which has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The festival will be re-staged in 2021 with dates to be announced.

The Outside is Inside Everything We Make is a group exhibition conceived by Glasgow-based artist Laura Aldridge. Aldridge explores collaborative ways of working to challenge the limiting systems of value that are imposed upon creativity. The title of the exhibition is a found text from product packaging. It speaks to the impulse to acknowledge the profound influence of our lived experiences and daily interactions with people and materials.

Alongside new sculptural works by Aldridge, the exhibition includes objects methodically wrapped in layer upon layer of fibre by Judith Scott (1943 – 2005) and painted mantras and slogans by Leanne Ross that describe specific moments remembered from the artist’s daily routine. This group presentation offers a way of exploring power and empowerment beyond that of established structures of experience.